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*Updated April 11, 2024*

Welcome to Valley Bullies!

We strive to produce quality American Bullies, French Bulldogs, and Bull Terriers! We are a family operated program located in Cache Valley Utah. Producing top pedigree American Bullies, quality rare colored French Bulldogs, and standard size Bull Terriers. All of our dogs that make up our team are loving members of our family!! Be sure to check out all of our fur babies and our current puppies available, we look forward to you becoming a member of our team! 

The American  Bully:

We are a very misunderstood breed. Though we may have a few similar characteristics to the American Pitbull Terrier, we are a completely separate breed. Bred to be loyal companion dogs and in no way to fight, we want nothing more than to please our owners. Even though we are such a misunderstood breed, we are still very active and need space where we can exercise daily. Before considering adding a bully to your family please make sure you are able to provide them with all of their needs. 

"Opening up your life to a dog is one of the most fulfilling things you could ever do!"



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The French Bulldog:

If you have never had a Frenchie before and are considering adding one to your family there are a few things you should know about us first. We are an expensive breed to start but don't let that scare you away. We have the most amazing personalities and are always ready for cuddles. We can also be a little stubborn at times but make for amazing family members. For being a smaller breed of dog we are still very active so be sure take that into consideration as well. 

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Our Team:

Here at Valley Bullies we aim to produce Bullies with amazing temperaments and great structure. Every pup is raised in our home with our family and loved ones. We pride ourselves to produce high quality , functional, and correct dogs. Every bully member of our team comes from the highest quality bloodlines and pedigrees.

We produce all colors here in the Valley from standard colors to tris, and of course the pattern Merle.

These breeds are luxury breeds... with luxury comes price. You will get what you pay for and quality isn't cheap... Is it worth it!?!? H*** YES IT IS!!!!!


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