Updated 10/29/2020

Please review our contract on the INFO page if interested in placing a deposit on one of our puppies or upcoming litters!

* Deposits are NON refundable!*

If buyer is not able to complete payment deposits will be transferred to any of Valley Bullies current or future breeding's.


ERP Juice


VB's Zia

November 2020


1st pick merle male - $30k Buyout

2nd pick merle male - Adriana Mendez

1st pick merle female - $7k Buyout

2nd pick merle female - Rodney Payne

1st pick non-merle male - $4k

2nd pick non-merle male -Blake 

3rd pick non-merle male - $3k

1st pick non-merle female - $4k

2nd pick non-merle female -$3500

3rd pick non-merle female - $3k

VB Frankee X Incredibullz Dirty Harry

Repeat Breeding Spring 2021


1st pick male-SOLD

2nd pick male-4Woods Bullies

3rd pick male-Greg Tucker

4th pick male-Bronze Star Bullyz


1st pick female-SOLD

2nd pick female-Miranda Sharp

3rd pick female-Alex Limon

4th pick female- Ricardo Hernandez

More Breedings will be posted as soon as they have been confirmed!

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