Updated 1/24/2021

Please review our contract on the INFO page if interested in placing a deposit on one of our puppies or upcoming litters!

* Deposits are NON refundable!*

If buyer is not able to complete payment deposits will be transferred to any of Valley Bullies current or future breeding's.


ERP Juice


VB's Zia

Due February 9th 2021 


1st pick merle male - $30k Buyout

2nd pick merle male - Adriana Mendez

1st pick merle female - Tyler Everrett

2nd pick merle female - Rodney Payne

1st pick non-merle male - $4k

2nd pick non-merle male -Blake 

3rd pick non-merle male - $3k

1st pick non-merle female - $4k

2nd pick non-merle female -$3500

3rd pick non-merle female - $3k

VB Frankee X Incredibullz Dirty Harry

Repeat Breeding Spring 2021


1st pick male-SOLD

2nd pick male-4Woods Bullies

3rd pick male-Greg Tucker

4th pick male-$4,000


1st pick female-SOLD

2nd pick female-Miranda Sharp

3rd pick female-Alex Limon

4th pick female- Ricardo Hernandez

VB's Shady 


Bossy's Hercules

Born Jan 9th 2021


1st pick male-SOLD

2nd pick male-$6,000

3rd pick male-SOLD

1st pick female-SOLD

2nd pick female-SOLD

3rd pick female- SOLD

VB's Mazi 



Born January 23, 2021
3 Males
1 Female
Please contact for more info

Fendi X Kilo

Taking place Spring 2021


1st pick Merle male-$5,000

2nd pick Merle male-$4,500

1st pick NON merle male-$3,000

2nd pick NON merle male-SOLD

1st pick Merle female-$5,000

2nd pick Merle female-$4,500

1st pick NON merle female-$3,000

2nd pick NON merle female-$2,500

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