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The Queen of the camp and the baddest female in Utah! This girl truly is a site to see in person! A female who is always mistaken for a male, you can see why! 

Breed: XL American Bully

Weight:85 lbs

Height: 20"

Color: Blue Brindle

DOB: 6/10/17

off MVP Hollywood X BFB Kora




Shady is absolutely stunning! With an amazing pedigree to match. 

Breed: XL American Bully

Weight: 100 lbs

Height: 22"

Color: Blue Tri

DOB: 9/19/18

Parents: Sin City Bullies Bellagio X BFB Veyda


This big girl can hold her own with the big dogs! Biggest female in our program and the best temperment you coukld ask for to match! 

Breed: XL/XXL American Bully

Weight: 130 lbs

Height: about 24" atw

Color: Blue/White

DOB: 11/11/18

Parents: ERP Juice X ERP's Black Betty


Tell me your the perfect mix of your mom and dad without telling me your the perfect mix of your mom and dad!! This baddie and her bro Reaper are ready to show the bully world what they can do! Big clean bulls done right!

Breed: XL American Bully *Still Growing*

Weight: 105-110

Height: about 23" atw

Color: Blue/White

DOB: 07/03/21

Parents: Incredibullz GrCh Dirty Harry X VB Frankee

Click Pic to see Pedigree


SkinTown Bullies Willow is 100% a head turner!! This big beautiful Lilac Brindle babe is on her way to being the biggest female of the Ogre Squad easy! Already bigger than her momma Nyx and gaining on her dad Draco by the day!~ 
Litter mate sister to our chocolate boy, Rook

Breed: XL American Bully *Still Growing*

Weight: 120 and still growing!!

Height: almost 24" atw

Color: Lilac Brindle

DOB: 01/19/22

Parents: Valley Bullies Draco X OBK Nyx of STB's 

Click Pic to see Pedigree


Produced Right Here!! Man this girl is STUNNING!!! Excited to see what the future holds!

Breed: American Bully

Weight: 90-95 lbs 
Height: 20"

Color: Black Tri

DOB: January 2021

PED: Bossy, RBG

Parents: Valley Bullies Mulisha (Shady) X Bossy's Hercules 


"Show no Mercy" This girl is absolutely stunning! Very proud to have produced this beautiful lady! 

Breed: XL American Bully

Weight: 95 lbs

Height: 22"

Color: Blue/White

DOB: 9/17/17

Parents: ERP Juice X Halia



This gorgeous girl has the sweetest disposition! Excellent structure!  

Breed: XL American Bully

Weight: 80 lbs 

Height: 20"

Color: Blue Merle

Bloodline: Mugleston, ICK, DelaCruz

DOB: 07/15/19

Parents:  R.I.P 'The King Pin' (Yeyo) X Halia


We are very excited to have produced this beautiful girl!

The perfect mix of her mom Veyda and her dad Yeyo!

Future looks bright!

Breed: American Bully

Weight: 75 lbs
Height: 21"

Color: Blue Brindle Merle

Ped: RBG, ICK, white Demon

DOB: July, 2020

Parents: BFB Veyda X (RIP) The King Pin of VBs (Yeyo)


This beautiful girl is the perfect mix of her parents! Excellent structure and amazing color to match! She will do great things... just watch!

Breed: Standard American Bully

Weight: 65 lbs

Height: 17.5"

Color: Blue Tri Merle

Ped: Dax, Razor Edge

DOB: Jan 21, 2020

Parents: Kid Kilo X Fendi


Isn't she stunning?!? This pretty little lady is too smart for her own good and she knows it lol! 

Breed: Standard American Bully

Weight: *65 lbs*

Height: 18"

Color: Red Sable

Ped: Dax, Razor Edge, Bossy

DOB: May 3, 2021

Parents: Precision Rojo X Tress of Blueprint Bullies


Aston is her name and mean muggin is her game!

This little 'Toofy' Monster has the cutest personality ever! Her little toofies are always ready to make you smile!

Breed: French Bulldog

Weight: 26 lbs

Color: Reverse Chocolate Sable

DNA: coco Dd, Ay/At, no pied BB

DOB: 7/15/19

Parents: RIP Bugatti X VB Bentley


Can you say STUNNING?!? This girl is absolutely gorgeous and will always be special as she holds 3 Generations of that VB blood we hold near to our hearts! That absolutely gorgeous color of hers is just the icing on the cake!!

Breed: French Bulldog

Weight: 25 lbs

Color: Lilac Sable

DNA: dd coco Bb Ee ayat 

DOB: October 10, 2021

Parents: Brinks X Cream

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