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Your new puppy is waiting...

Before Purchasing...


Every pup produced and sold through our program will be sold on contract. Please take into consideration before purchasing a new puppy, if you are not looking for a specific bloodline/pedigree bred bully we always recommend you visit your local animal shelter before hand. We pride ourselves on producing top quality Bullies with top pedigree bloodlines but supporting our local animal shelter is something we contribute to often. That being said, if you are ready to add one of these amazing breeds to your family you have come to the right place!! Lets get you your new FuRbAbY!


Purchase Info

Deposits made will be NON REFUNDABLE! 

Pricing for each litter will vary as will a deposit amount. If a deposit is made on a pup/breeding but buyer is no longer able to continue with payment deposits will be transferable to any current or future breeding in our program. 


Deposits will be placed depending on which pick of the litter the buyer is wanting. Pricing will vary depending on pick order. First pick of  a litter will be priced higher than second pick. Second pick will be priced higher than third pick etc...

Once a deposit is made payments are welcome as we require pups paid in full by 6 weeks of age.

Deposits are $500 to hold your pick/pup. If you are interested in a spot with a BUYOUT, deposits to hold will be $1k. Please contact if you would like to place a deposit, we are easy to work with! :) 

*SHIPPING* is available worldwide!

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Health Guarantee

We offer a one year health guarantee for all of our pups. If there is concern for health issues when considering a breeding in any way that breeding will not take place. 

When considering a large breed dog please know there could always be risk of joint problems. 


Skin conditions like allergies are very common in bully breeds. Even more so in dogs with blue coats. These conditions are NOT covered. Please acknowledge these possibilities and know it is a risk we all take when purchasing a bull breed.

Buyer must also accept that not every pup in the litter will be of show quality. 

We accept payments!!!

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