The Studs of

Valley Bullies




Biggest Bully in Utah! This guy right here is the total package. Apart from him being a monster he is a giant teddy bear

Breed: XL American Bully

Weight: 150

Height: 26"

Ped: *Clink Link on photo*

Color: Blue

DOB: 9/5/16

off ERP Gucci X Cali Girl

Stud Fee: Closed to public

Kid Kilo

The Kid definitely got his looks from his daddy. Our handsome blue tri gorilla has a bright future ahead of him!

Breed: Standard American Bully

Weight: 85 lbs

Height: 17"

Ped: *Click link on photo*

Color: Blue Tri

DOB: 4/24/18

off GrCh Shamrock X Keystones Willow

Stud Fee: 2500 


They call me Hudson, Hudson Hornet... lol. Ready to make his daddy proud!

Breed: French Bulldog

Weight: 23 lbs (still growing)

Color: Chocolate Sable

DOB: 11/21/18
DNA: ay/at bb DD

off R.I.P Valley Bullies Bugatti  X  Lexus

Stud Fee: 1200



Hydro is our up and coming handsome young man! His Merle Tri color is just to die for! Keep your eye on this boy... he is coming for that #1 spot!!

Breed: Standard American Bully

Weight: Still Growing

Height: Still Growing

Ped: Dax/Edge

Color: Blue Tri Merle

DOB: 1/21/20

off our Kid Kilo X Fendi breeding 

Stud Fee: TBD


Well Hello There! :) My name is Guito, but most people call me Cheeto.  

Breed: French Bulldog

Weight: 28-30 lbs

Color: Cream

DOB: 10/10/19
DNA: Quad carrier

off Apollo the Lilac Tan Quad X Urcino Hera LL

Stud Fee: 1200



Valley Bullies Big Tank! This handsome fella is ready to make his mark!

Breed: XL American Bully

Weight: 115 lbs

Height: 22"

Color: Red Fawn

DOB: 9/19/18

off Sin City Bullies Bellagio X BFB Veyda

Stud Fee: 1500 


The future is looking bright for this handsome young stud!!

Following in his sires footsteps, Boone is going to be  a phenomenal  asset to our team!  

Breed: American Bully

Weight: Still Growing

Color: Blue Sable Tweed Merle

DOB: 11/01/20
Pedigree: Bossy, Dela Cruz, ICK, Jugg

Parents: RIP The King Pin of VB's (Yeyo) x Bossy's Blaze

Stud Fee: TBD


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