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*Don't Miss Your Chance to Lock-in One of Our Handsome Studs!*


Text-BAILEE (435) 881-9583  ~ IG-@valley_bullies ~ FB-BaileeJustinJohnson




Big Man on campus!! This guy right here is the total package. Apart from him being a monster he is a giant teddy bear

Breed: XL American Bully

Weight: 155

Height: 25"

Ped: *Clink Link on photo*

Color: Blue

DOB: 9/5/16

off ERP Gucci X Cali Girl

Stud Fee: $5k Select females only!


The future is looking bright for this handsome young stud!!

Following in his sires footsteps, Boone is going to be  a phenomenal  asset to our team!  

Breed: American Bully

Weight: 125

Height: about 24" atw

Color: Blue Sable Tweed Merle

DOB: 11/01/20
Pedigree: Bossy, Dela Cruz, ICK, Jugg

Parents: RIP The King Pin of VB's (Yeyo) x Bossy's Blaze

Stud Fee: $4,000 ~Ask about our PROMOS~


This giant teddy bear has grown and matured to being the biggest ogre on the yard! Producing some of the dirtiest dooders out there with an A-1 temperament! What more could you ask for?!?

Breed: American Bully

Weight: 145-150 

Height: 25" atw

Color: Blue/White Ticked

DOB: 7/03/21 

Parents: Incredibullz Dirty Harry X Valley Bullies Frankee

Stud Fee: $4,000 ~Ask about our PROMOS~


Boy oh boy!  Talk about reincarnating our big guy Juice! Draco's the spitting image of his daddy but even better! All the best features he could have inherited from both his parents came to play with this big Lug!

Breed: American Bully

Weight: 155

Height: Just under 25"

Color: Blue Brindle

DOB: 11/04/20
Pedigree: ICK, RBG

Parents: ERP Juice x  BFB Veyda

Stud Fee: $4,000 ~Ask about our PROMOS~

Rugged ROOK

The most handsome chocolate man on the team! Rook is absolutely STUNNING! Mr. Steal Your Girl!

So excited to have this boy on our roster and even more excited to watch him grow and mature!

Breed: XL American Bully

Weight: 100-105

Height: about 22' atw

Ped: *Click link on photo*

Color: Chocolate

DOB: 1/19/22

off Valley Bullies Draco X OBK Nyx

Stud Fee: $2,000 


After many years of working toward putting our big guy Juice into a merle suit with that 'Old School' blood our boy RIP Yeyo blessed us with, we are proud to say that goal was finally met!  We couldn't be more pleased with this big guy right here! Temperament and demeanor  of a teddy bear like his dad Juice and that  merle coat  from his mom Zia, Hub is exactly what we had ordered! 

Breed: American Bully

Weight: 115-120

Height: Just under 25"

Color: Blue Merle

DOB: 07/15/20
Pedigree: ICK, RBG, Dela Cruz, Mugleston

Parents: ERP Juice x  VB's Zia

Stud Fee: $2,500 


Kid Kilo

The Kid definitely got his looks from his daddy. Our handsome blue tri gorilla has a bright future ahead of him!

Breed: Standard American Bully

Weight: 85 lbs

Height: 17"

Ped: *Click link on photo*

Color: Blue Tri

DOB: 4/24/18

off GrCh Shamrock X Keystones Willow

Stud Fee: $2,500 ~Ask about our PROMOS~


Handsome stud muffin this dood is right here! Continuoisly out producing himself, Hydro is jjust the tool you need if your'e looking to add clean athletic and shredded bulls to your team!

Breed: Standard American Bully

Weight: 75-80lbs

Height: little over 18"

Ped: Dax/Edge

Color: Blue Tri Merle

DOB: 1/21/20

off our Kid Kilo X Fendi breeding 

Stud Fee: $3,000 ~Ask about our PROMOS~



Well Hello There! :) My name is Guito, but most people call me Cheeto.  

Breed: French Bulldog

Weight: 30-35 lbs

Color: Blue Cream

DOB: 10/10/19
DNA: Quad carrier

off Apollo the Lilac Tan Quad X Urcino Hera LL

Stud Fee: $1,000 ~Ask about our PROMOS~


Introducing this handome young stud muffin,  the one, the only... DOOBER DOOD!!  

Breed: French Bulldog

Weight: 25 lbs

Color: Lilac Trindle

DOB: 03/11/22
DNA: Quad carrier

off  Hectors Guito of VB's  X  Valley Bullies Aston

Stud Fee: $1,000 ~Ask about our PROMOS~

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